Adam ‘Grizzly Adams’ Parker

Adam Parker (AKA Grizzly Adams) is Vintage FM’s breakfast DJ. You can hear him from 5am for the Rockabilly Express, and then Breakfast from 6am – 9am. When he’s not on air he’s either DJ’ing for various Country Music Events (or at the Camden RSL Club) or teaching Rockabilly dance which he has been doing for 25 plus years. Rossco says he makes a great coffee, as he often makes him one while they swap over from the Breakfast to Morning show on Vintage FM ☕️

Some fun facts: He loves ALL animals and junk food. His Wife thinks he’s a frustrated singer being a DJ who sings along to ALL the words. A lot of people think he’s the real 6″5′ Grizzly Adams only to find out he’s a 5’6″ little bloke. He loves talking about nostalgic music and Vintage items like antiques and cars 🚙

Favourite 50s, 60s or 70s Song? Too Many to Mention, Blood Sweat and Tears come to mind. Pretty well all Aussie Pub Rock. I love modern Country Music too 🎶
First Record Bought: Good Times In Country Music
Favourite Concert: The Wall “Roger Waters – Pink Floyd” (which I was honoured to be one of the support acts)